Ik wil je nog even bedanken voor de fantastische opleiding. Dit was een van de beste opleidingen die ik de afgelopen 15 jaar heb gehad. Zo interactief met de juiste dosis theorie. Perfecte afwisseling. Alle praktijk kon ik gelijk naar mijzelf vertalen. Ik kan aan de slag. Nogmaals een dikke merci You did a great job :-)-, Mediamarkt
Please accept my thanks to you and Robert for a very successful team building session. I was very impressed with the input and indeed the outcomes from each session. I look forward to receiving the summaries from the 2 days.HO, Senior Vice President
I worked with Robert during an acquisition process which resulted in the creation of a global company with 2 distinct organisational cultures and set of values. Robert created a team-building framework for the Executive level in Europe. This was cross-functional lines and countries. He encapsulated the requirements and goals of each manager in an excellent manner in his programme, besides being a thorough professional. I would recommend Robert to anyone who would like to motivate their team or are working on organisational change. It was a pleasure working with Robert and I hope I'll have another opportunity to work with him again soon.NG, Business Consultant
For over more than 20 years I have one key for success when I have to deal with leaders, young and talented or experienced, who can benefit from getting personal insights in what it means to be a leader: I call Robert and Marleen ! Feedback from participants can be described with one word: WOW ! This is not about having fun on the judo tatami, but wisdom and deeply values brought with a high degree of sensitivity and respect. Yes they can make a change !MC, Group Human Resources Manager
Working and learning with Robert Van de Walle is synonymous for direct experience – direct impact. Robert stands for the rare combination of no-nonsense combined with the embodiment of charisma and gentleness. Robert does not speak to you from a book he read or a story he heard – he speaks from his very own experience and he speaks from his guts. And indeed, he knows what he’s talking about, he has been there...RDW, Managing Director
Robert and Marleen are a team, they master team processes like no other. Working with Marleen and Robert is challenging and demanding but one gets a lot out of it: energy, insights and a lot of food for thought. Our colleagues have highly appreciated the combination of reflexion and outdoors activities that made them grow as a newly integrated company.BD, Managing Director
It was an unforgettable experience to work with Robert and his team. People over here are still speaking about it because of the double impact : the messages and the strong personality of Robert. Really great ! Thanks for that!” Top qualities: great results, personable, high integrity.GB, General Manager Wholesales Products & Customer Services Belux
Previously THE Top Judoka on a World wide scale, Robert is now a Top-class team builder with a solid understanding of leadership and organization, a keen advisor, a partner who delivers. Should you need a coach for yourself or your company, I strongly recommend Robert and his team.LM, Global Business Development
Mindset session of Robert was very interesting, open minded. Great presentation/communication to bring the key message in an easy way. Helped make me think in a better way. Good to get an external view of someone who has won a golden medal. I found Robert’s presentation so interesting. Lots to take away and think about. Perfect and clear!YV, University Learning Coordinator Western Europe
His down to earth approach, his charisma make his seminars an inspiring and motivating long-acting experience for you and your team. With Marleen he’s the perfect tandem for organising personalised seminars. A man who left his ego with his shoes...” Top qualities: great results, high integrity, creativeCE, Head of Marketing General Medecine
It was an exciting experience to share with you. I’m still enjoying the very positive reactions.ID, Talent Development Manager HR&O
I would like to congratulate you on a most memorable evening yesterday. Robert and Marleen - because indeed as the saying goes “behind every successful man is a strong women” - thank you for your impact, motivation and drive - you plan to win every time and this was transferred to the audience and inspired us. We will have many, many fond memories of yesterday and the feedback from the members was excellent. By the way, we have never had so many questions at the end of a presentation – you captured the audience. We look forward to following your project: a story of on-going cultural transformation.AS, Managing Director